• Three Broadband Products and Services Overview

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 6th October 2017
    There are a number of great mobile broadband suppliers in the UK and Three has become one of the most popular in recent years. Allowing you to connect to the internet no matter where you are, it’s range of plans has something to suit everyone. It was actually the first company to offer MiFi, a type of wireless mobile broadband. […]
  • Plusnet 2017 Product Range

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 28th September 2017
    If you haven’t been paying close attention to the telecommunications market over the last decade, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Plusnet came out of nowhere. Thanks to a huge advertising push and some innovative branding, Plusnet are now an established player in the telecommunications market. Presently owned and operated by BT, Plusnet actually began life in Sheffield in February […]
  • TalkTalk 2017 Product Range

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 20th September 2017
    Living in the UK, it’s almost certain that at some point during your daily routine you’ll encounter a TalkTalk service. Their broadband, home phone and digital TV services have proven to so popular that a simple stroll through your city centre will see you bump up against one of their services. Unlike many players in the telecommunications space, TalkTalk don’t […]
  • O2 Broadband 2017 Product Range

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 17th September 2017
    O2 is one of the UK’s longest established and most celebrated telecommunications companies. Founded in as Cellnet in 1985 by BT Mobile’s John Carrington as a joint subsidiary of British Telecom Cellular Radio and Telecom Securicor Radio Limited. By 1999, after years of cooperation and development, BT bought out O2 in full for a cost of £3.15 billion. With 5 […]
  • BT 2017 Product Range

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 19th August 2017
    BT require little introduction to those of us who live in the UK; quite simply, they’re the oldest and biggest telecoms company this country has ever seen. With a history which stretches back all the way to the first installed telephones in Britain in January 1878, British Telecom have been there through every major telecoms advancement of the last century […]
  • EE Broadband 2017 Product Range

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 19th January 2017
    When it comes to home broadband, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of companies keen to sell you a package to flood your home with WiFi. From the bigger players like BT and Sky to smaller outfits like TalkTalk and Plusnet, dozens of companies are ready to sell your broadband. However, there’s one company that’s been flying under the radar […]
  • PlusNet Company History and Facts

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 4th January 2017
    Yorkshire based PlusNet was founded in Sheffield in 1997 and it’s known as a triple play internet service provider. This basically means it offers broadband, digital TV and landline services. It has become a very popular choice for broadband customers due to its outstandingly low prices. However, the company has recently announced its line rental prices will be increasing to […]
  • How to manage your Sky bills and payments

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 5th August 2016
    You can manage your Sky bills and payments quickly and easily online. To manage your account, including bills and payments, you will need to visit the Sky website at the following URL: If you do not already have an account, you can sign up for one quickly and easily. Once you have logged into your Sky account, you can […]
  • How to cancel and switch your Sky broadband package

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 22nd July 2016
    Cancelling your Sky broadband package is relatively straightforward, but do expect to be tempted to stay with them by being offered a slightly better deal. This is standard practice amongst technology suppliers, but don’t be surprised if the deal you are offered is far from earth-shattering. Sky is an incredibly popular supplier, and they do not need to slash prices […]
  • Sky Broadband History, Facts and Services

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 18th July 2016
    Sky is one of the leading providers of broadband suppliers in the UK. However, how much do you actually know about the company and its history? Most people have heard of Sky broadband, but they don’t know a great deal about the history and facts of its broadband service. Before deciding whether Sky is right for you, it helps to […]