Plusnet Contact Number

Plusnet Contact Number – 0843 770 0242 or 0800 432 0200

Plusnet Telephone Number  0843 770 0242

Call Plusnet customer service on 0843 770 0242 0800 432 0200. 0800 432 0200 is the free phone number for Plusnet customer service.

Plusnet Contact Numbers

Helpline Contact Number
Plusnet Customer Service 0843 770 0244
Plusnet Technical Enquiries 0800 432 0200

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You can contact Plusnet on 0843 770 0242 or 0800 432 0200. You can also contact Plusnet by writing to them, or by Tweeting them.

Plusnet is an internet service provider with headquarters in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Plusnet is a subsidiary, owned by BT Group. The company was founded in 1997 as Plusnet Technologies Ltd. Today, they are a key ISP brand, offering internet services,
landline telephone services and digital television services. They have approximately 500,000 customers, with a UK-centric customer service model.

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If you don’t pay attention to the telecommunications market, it could seem like Plusnet are a new player on the market. Today, they’re backed by telecoms giant BT and have a significant advertising presence on TV, radio and in print, making them appear like an exciting new competitor in the space. The reality, however, it a little more interesting.Plusnet contact number

Visit to login to your online Plusnet account. From here, you can manage your bills and view your usage statistics. You can also call Plusnet customer service on 0843 770 0242 to discuss your account.

Plusnet got its start in Sheffield during February 1997, when Choice Peripherals launched Force9 Internet. It was the early days of the Internet, where its usefulness was in question and dial up speeds meant accessing it was something of a chore. Nevertheless, by October of that year they’d hit 5,000 subscribers. The company continued to grow and evolve before rebranding in June 2000 as Plusnet. By November 2006, Plusnet was bought by BT in a deal worth £67 million, paving the way for its status today as one of the UK’s more prominent broadband suppliers.

Plusnet Broadband Customer Service  0843 770 0242

If we’re being honest with ourselves, nobody really loves the idea of calling customer service. From time to time though, it’s something we have to do, especially with our broadband providers. Whether you’re looking to sign up for Plusnet Broadband, have a question about your existing Plusnet Broadband package or are planning to move homes, you’ll need to call Plusnet Broadband on the Plusnet contact number 0843 770 0242.

This Plusnet Broadband number works for both new and existing broadband, fibre broadband, home phone and business accounts, and will connect you with a member of Plusnet’s customer service team. For some callers, it puts you through to an IVR announcement where you’ll be given some options to direct your call. Listen closely to these options and select the one which best describes your needs.

Plusnet Phone Number 0843 770 0242

Calls from this line operate seven days a week from 7.30am to 10pm, so you can call in whenever it suits you.

It’s no secret that customer service has moved online over the last decade. Internet availability for most people has meant that businesses now spend more money than ever trying to solve problems on the website. Lots of us still prefer to speak to somebody on the phone though, and that’s becoming very hard.

Plusnet Broadband Contact Number 0843 770 0242

When you’ve got an issue you want sorted, digging through endless nested menus to find a solution can be a real pain. That’s why there’s simply no replacement for the customer support you get from a real person and why we provide this Plusnet Broadband contact number. Spend less time digging for numbers and more time living your life.

Plusnet Broadband Contact Information

If you’d prefer to put your Plusnet Broadband customer service complaint or request in writing, email them or contact them on social media, information for doing so can be found below:

Contact Plusnet by address:

Plusnet plc,
The Balance,
2 Pinfold Street,
S1 2GU.

Planning to write to Plusnet Broadband? We all know the postal service isn’t the most secure around, so we’d always recommend sending your letter via a postage method that requires a signature, such as Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded or Royal Mail Special Delivery. Via these methods, you can track your letter online, so you know exactly when Plusnet receive it. This is particularly useful if you are formally writing to Plusnet to close your account, writing to Plusnet to make an important payment or to make a complaint.

Plusnet Broadband Email Address:

Disappointingly, Plusnet Broadband have made it very difficult to email them for support. Instead, direct you to a live online chat, where you can speak to a member of their customer service team. Customer services are open 7 days a week from 7:30AM to 10PM, and is another option for those of us looking to get in touch with Plusnet.

Plusnet Broadband Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to call the Plusnet contact number. If that’s the case with you, then the best way to get in touch with them is usually their Twitter account. Through Twitter Plusnet operate a dedicated online support account, manned by customer service representatives who will work quickly to resolve your issues. If you don’t have a Twitter account, it’s simple to set one up and then message @plusnethelp. Alternatively, you can find them on Facebook, where they update their feed with news and customer service alerts. Links to both services can be found above, along with a link to Plusnet’s YouTube Channel where they offer video tutorials, amongst other videos.

What is the best way to contact Plusnet Broadband?

These days, there are as many ways to contact a company as there are issues you might have. However, despite the advances in technology, there’s still no real replacement for speaking to somebody on the phone. That’s why we provide a contact number for Plusnet on 0843 770 0242. Once dialled, follow the instructions that you’re given by the pre-recorded voice. With that done, you’ll be put through a to a customer service assistant who can help with whatever issue you’re having. Like all telecoms companies, Plusnet’s customer service lines can become busy at peak hours like in the morning, during lunch and after working hours. If at all possible, try to call away from peak times, which will get your problem solved fastest.

What is the best way to make a Plusnet Broadband complaint?

If you want to make a complaint because your issue hasn’t been solved or you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received, then there is recourse. However, we’d recommend giving Plusnet a chance to fix the issue first. If they again fail to resolve your complaint or you’re not satisfied with the help you got, then you should write to them using the address listed above (this can be found in Plusnet Broadband Contact Information section).

If that doesn’t work either, we’d recommend contacting the Ombudsman Service. It should only be used as a last resort, as it will result in an investigation into Plusnet’s activities, but The Ombudsman can handle your unresolved complaint about customer service, subscription fees, problems with payment and much more. Here’s their contact information:

Ombudsman Services Address

Complaints Department,
Ombudsman Services,
PO Box 730,
WA4 6WU.


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Call Plusnet on 0843 770 0242 for customer service enquiries

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