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At Broadband Company Numbers, we connect people to broadband suppliers quickly. If you are struggling to find a reliable and dependable number for your internet service provider, we have published alternative phone numbers you can call which will connect you to a human being. Use our service to contact your broadband supplier quickly.

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“I got through to my broadband supplier extremely quickly and my enquiry was handled swiftly and professionally. I had an issue with my router and it turned out I needed a new one. Thank you for all your help , I will definitely recommend your website to friends and family in the future!” – James W.

“My broadband problem was solved within 10 minutes however I since had problems with connecting my TV to my WiFi modem. My broadband supplier was tough to get hold of but your number came in really handy. Thank you for helping me contact my broadband supplier” – Anne Hardy.

Broadband Company Telephone and Contact Numbers

We have done the hard work for you and researched the best contact information for all major broadband suppliers in the United Kingdom. We clearly list each supplier’s physical address which you can write to, any published email addresses for customer service and all official social media links which you can use to contact each respective broadband company.

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We also publish phone numbers which are not the official numbers. We want to make it absolutely clear that we are not affiliated with any company, brand, individual or other entity mentioned on our website. We provide a call connection service only.

When you call one of our published 0843 telephone numbers, you will be connected to the respective company’s number. You will find a disclaimer at the top of every one of our number pages which has a published 0843 contact number. The disclaimer is as follows:

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Why Our Service Exists

It can often be nigh-on impossible to get in touch with a human being when you have a query with a broadband company. Existing customers in particular have to jump through hoops before they have their enquiry dealt with. And in extreme circumstances, we have found that broadband suppliers hide their phone number away because they simply don’t want their customers to ring them. Instead, companies have started to create online content database with helpful advice to answer customer questions. These serve a good purpose however they are fundamentally flawed, because sometimes all a customer wants to do is speak to a human being. And that’s where our service comes in.

We have researched and found phone numbers for all the major broadband suppliers in the United Kingdom and we have published numbers on our website. If you have ever struggled to find a contact number for your internet service provider, or other contact information, then our service will be invaluable for you because you will find a dependable contact number right here on our website, without having to look around elsewhere.

To make calling your broadband supplier easier from our website, we have made the telephone numbers on our pages into links. When you click these on a smartphone, the number will be automatically added to your phone’s dialler. All you then have to do is press call. You can find telephone numbers for broadband companies at the bottom of our website or from the top of our website in the navigation bar under ‘broadband suppliers’.