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Out of all of the UK broadband suppliers, BT is the oldest and yet still remains the most popular provider in the country. It has a very long and interesting history and today offers a wide range of broadband packages.

So how did it all start out and what can you expect from this global telecommunications provider?

A brief history

BT’s history dates back as far as 1846 when the Electric Telegraph Company was founded. Its broadband service was previously known as BT Total Broadband, BT Openworld and BT Yahoo! Broadband. It’s gone through a lot of changes over the years, but the fact it’s stood the test of time is testament to the quality of service it provides.

BT Broadband facts

As it is the oldest and most popular broadband provider, BT broadband offers the most coverage throughout the UK. It’s available almost everywhere and it also boasts some of the most varied packages on the market.

It’s actually one of the few providers to offer 12GB and 25GB packages. Most providers start at a minimum of 17Mb which not everybody needs. So if you’re more of a light internet user and largely use it to check emails each day, these smaller packages will save you a lot of money compared to the other minimum packages on offer from its competitors.

Of course, what the company is largely famous for however is its fibre optic broadband sold under the BT Infinity brand. With these packages, speeds can reach up to 76MB, making them a perfect choice for gamers and those who like to steam and download videos.

Most packages are sold with an 18-month contract, though there are 12 month contracts available too. Customers can also opt in for unlimited usage or a cheaper restricted usage allowance.

BT Benefits

There are quite a few things which set BT apart from its competitors. The sheer amount of extras available is one of the best advantages, giving you the option to create a truly tailor-made service.

All of its unlimited packages are also truly unlimited. Some providers say they offer unlimited usage, but they follow traffic management and fair usage policies to sometimes restrict the usage for their customers during peak times. You won’t have to worry about this with BT.

The company’s range of broadband packages is also impressive; offering something to suit practically all types of user.

Potential downsides

While there’s certainly a lot to like about BT’s broadband packages, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of. For example, it does currently offer the most expensive line rental and the BT Infinity broadband packages aren’t available everywhere. There’s also the fact that the Infinity options aren’t the fastest available in the UK.

Overall BT has become the biggest ISP in the UK, offering an incredible amount of packages and fantastic deals. It also looks after its existing customers, offering them great discounts on extra services. It’s important to look at both the pros and the cons of the company’s broadband services before choosing whether it’s right for you.

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