TalkTalk Broadband Contact Number

Contact TalkTalk broadband on 0843 770 0246 to speak with a customer service assistant. You can also call TalkTalk broadband on 0345 172 0088 for account and billing enquiries. Calls to this number are free from your TalkTalk phone.

TalkTalk Broadband Number 0843 770 0246

TalkTalk offer a fixed, low price fast broadband service with unlimited usage on as many devices as you want. They guarantee you will have no price rises for the whole contract length.

TalkTalk Broadband number

TalkTalk Broadband Contact Numbers

To speak to a TalkTalk expert, call any of the numbers listed below:

TalkTalk Broadband Customer Service Number 0843 770 0246

New or existing TalkTalk customers can call 0843 770 0246 for customer service. The TalkTalk customer service team handles all enquiries related to broadband and TV. Alternatively, you can find helpful support articles at

TalkTalk Phone Number for Technical Support 0345 172 0088

If you require technical support, then you can call TalkTalk on 0345 172 0088. This TalkTalk broadband number will put you through to TalkTalk’s technical support team. TalkTalk have also published several useful support articles related to broadband at

TalkTalk Business

The TalkTalk business website is and the contact phone numbers as follows

  • Business Broadband: 0800 458 4581
  • Small Business: 0800 083 3003
  • Large Business 0800 298 2883
  • Billing Department: 0800 083 2545
  • Partner Support (new enquiries): 0800 954 0764
  • Partner Support (existing partners): 0800 330 6725
  • Press Enquiries: 0203 417 1867

To report spam or junk mail – spam@talktalk

To report phishing (fraudulent attempt to obtain personal information) –

TalkTalk Business Broadband Packages

Simply Broadband (small business)

  • Totally unlimited broadband
  • PAYG calls
  • 1 static IP on request
  • Wireless router included
  • Free new line installation if needed
  • WorkSafe®, network level security
  • 7 day UK business support
  • Up to 17 Mbps Max downstream

(76 with Fibre)

  • Up to 1 Mbps Max upstream

(20 with Fibre)

Complete Broadband

  • Totally unlimited broadband, we’ll never slow you down
  • Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls
  • Up to 4 static IP’s on request
  • Wireless router included
  • FREE new line installation, if needed
  • WorkSafe®, industry leading network security
  • 7 day UK business support
  • FREE Premises Move
  • FREE business call features
  • Up to 17 Mbps downstream
  • Up to 1 Mbps upstream

TalkTalk Sales Number 0800 049 1402

If you are a new TalkTalk customer, or if you would like to subscribe to one of TalkTalk’s broadband packages, then you can call the TalkTalk sales number 0800 049 1402. This is the official TalkTalk sales telephone number, and it can be used to purchase any TalkTalk products or to make a payment.

TalkTalk Business Billing Telephone Number 0800 083 2545

For business billing, customers can call TalkTalk on 0800 083 2545. This is the official free phone telephone number for TalkTalk business billing. This phone number can be called by new or existing business customers and by larger enterprise TalkTalk customers.

TalkTalk London and Milton Keynes Office Contact Numbers

The TalkTalk London office phone number is 0203 417 1000 and the TalkTalk Milton Keynes office phone number is 0800 542 6794. You can call one of TalkTalk’s main offices if you wish to speak to somebody with authority, or if you wish to make a formal complaint.

Talk Talk Contact

You can TalkTalk contact using any of the published phone numbers above. You can also contact TalkTalk by writing to the address published below:

TalkTalk Correspondence Dept,
P.O. Box 346,
SO30 2PW.

The best TalkTalk contact number is 0843 770 0246.

TalkTalk is one of the UK’s biggest telecommunications companies, with well over a million combined customers. Along with their mobile and home phone operations, TalkTalk are a big part of the broadband landscape in the UK. They grew out of The Carphone Warehouse’s acquisition of Opal Telecom in November 2002, before soft launching their low-cost telephone calls in Manchester. Broadband launched two years later, along with an impressive offer of “free broadband forever” – an 8Mbps service with a 40GB monthly cap for all subscribers to their Talk3 International telephone tariff, which cost £20.99 a month. Understandably, this offer was taken up in huge numbers, which caused some significant problems for TalkTalk’s customer service number. Today, they also offer TV services and supply a large number of businesses with high-speed fibre broadband.

To see how fast broadband is in your area, visit

Contact Talk Talk

Are you looking to get in touch with a member of the TalkTalk Broadband customer service team about your SimplyBroadband or Fibre Broadband packages? Perhaps you’d like to switch to TalkTalk from an alternative provider or even discuss the terms of your contract? If that sounds like you, Talk Talk contact on 0843 770 0246. This Talk Talk contact is for both new and existing broadband, TV, mobile or business accounts and will connect you with TalkTalk’s main switchboard. It could put you through to an IVR announcement where you’ll be given some options to direct your call. By listening closely to these options, you’ll be directed to an appropriate department.

TalkTalk Broadband Phone Number 0843 770 0246

In the past, getting in touch with a business was simple; all you’d need to do was pick up the phone and speak to somebody. These days, however, things aren’t that easy anymore. Big companies spend more and more money on their websites and certain systems that are designed to keep you away from phone lines, to save them money. However, the telephone remains the most efficient way to get customer service.


Sometimes those online portals can be helpful, but when you aren’t getting your questions answered, you need to speak to somebody on the phone. There’s really just no replacement for the customer support you can get from a manned phone line. That’s why we provide this TalkTalk Broadband contact number resource so you can get your problems solved quickly.

TalkTalk Contact Information

If you’d prefer to put your TalkTalk customer service complaint or request in writing, email them or contact them on social media, information for doing so can be found below.

If you are writing to TalkTalk Broadband, we would recommend sending your letter via a postage method that requires a signature, such as Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded or Royal Mail Special Delivery. Via these methods, you will be able to track your letter online so you will know immediately when TalkTalk receives it. This is particularly useful if you are formally writing to TalkTalk to close your account, writing to TalkTalk to make an important payment or to make a complaint.

TalkTalk Customer Service 0843 770 0246

TalkTalk Broadband Email Address

TalkTalk have moved away from using email for their customer service team. For the last two years, they ask that you use the customer contact forms on their website. Though less than ideal for those of us that like to get in touch with companies directly, it’s nevertheless another option to contact the company.

TalkTalk Broadband Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

If social media is more your thing, the best way to get in touch with TalkTalk is likely their Twitter account. Through Twitter, they have a dedicated online support team who will work quickly to resolve your issues. If you don’t have a Twitter account, it’s simple to set one up and then message @TalkTalkCare. Alternatively, you can find them on Facebook, where they update their feed with news and customer service alerts. Links to both services can be found above, along with a link to TalkTalk’s YouTube Channel.

What is the best way to contact TalkTalk?

As with all customer service enquiries, the fastest way to get your problem resolved is by calling TalkTalk Broadband on the phone. The contact number for TalkTalk is 0843 770 0246. When you call this number, simply follow the instructions that you’re given. From there, you’ll be put through a to a customer service assistant who can help. Be aware though, that TalkTalk’s customer service lines are likely to become busy at peak hours like in the morning, over lunch and after working hours. If at all possible, try to ring away from peak times to get through faster.

Can I cancel my TalkTalk package?

It may be possible to cancel your TalkTalk package, however you may incur a fee by doing so. If you are a TalkTalk customer, then it is likely that you have a contract with them for a period of time. You may have to wait for that contract to expire, although you do have the right to cancel your TalkTalk package at any time. Please bear in mind though that TalkTalk may charge you a fee for doing so.

When I contact TalkTalk, will my call be answered in the UK?

Talk Talk operates call centres in the United Kingdom and overseas. Your call may be answered by either.

TalkTalk Contact Number 0843 770 0246

Call TalkTalk on 0843 770 0246 to discuss your account.

What is the best way to make a TalkTalk Broadband complaint?

If you’re looking to make a complaint about your broadband service, we’d recommend giving TalkTalk a change to solve your issue by calling them on the telephone. If by some chance TalkTalk fail to resolve your complaint or you’re dissatisfied with the help you got, then you should write to them using the address listed above (this can be found in TalkTalk Broadband Contact Information section). If that too fails to yield an appropriate response, we’d recommend contacting the Ombudsman Service. The Ombudsman can handle your unresolved complaint about customer service, subscription fees, problems with payment and much more. Here’s their contact information:

Ombudsman Services Address

Complaints Department,
Ombudsman Services,
PO Box 730,
WA4 6WU.


TalkTalk Contact – Videos and Guides

In this video, TalkTalk discusses how to set up wireless broadband:

In this video, you will discover how TalkTalk’s super-fast fibre-optic broadband is installed:

If you want to troubleshoot TalkTalk broadband problems, check out this guide – If you want to run a TalkTalk broadband speed test, visit this page for help – Or, if you want to find out more about TalkTalk’s broadband equipment, visit this page –

Call TalkTalk on 0843 770 0246 for customer service enquiries

Contact TalkTalk broadband on 0843 770 0246 to speak with a customer service assistant. This TalkTalk broadband number is suitable for account, subscription, billing and cancellation enquries. You can also call this number for technical assistance, or to make a complaint. The TalkTalk support team will be able to assist you with enquiries you have.

TalkTalk contact number