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  • How to cancel and switch your Sky broadband package

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 22nd July 2016
    Cancelling your Sky broadband package is relatively straightforward, but do expect to be tempted to stay with them by being offered a slightly better deal. This is standard practice amongst technology suppliers, but don’t be surprised if the deal you are offered is far from earth-shattering. Sky is an incredibly popular supplier, and they do not need to slash prices […]
  • Sky Broadband History, Facts and Services

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 18th July 2016
    Sky is one of the leading providers of broadband suppliers in the UK. However, how much do you actually know about the company and its history? Most people have heard of Sky broadband, but they don’t know a great deal about the history and facts of its broadband service. Before deciding whether Sky is right for you, it helps to […]
  • EE Broadband Features and Speeds

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 14th July 2016
    At one time, Sky and BT were the only real players in the broadband industry. However, in recent years, other companies have been fast catching up, offering fantastic deals and competitive broadband speeds. EE in particular has become a popular choice, offering a variety of different packages with a unique range of benefits. Below you’ll discover everything you need to […]