• O2 Broadband Company History and Facts

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 2nd January 2019
    Part of the Telefonica group, O2 has become one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the globe. It did offer a standalone fixed broadband service, offering up to 16MBs. However, the O2 broadband service is now a part of Sky, so when looking for fixed line O2 broadband, you’ll be directed to the Sky broadband website. One thing the company […]
  • Virgin Media: A Brief History of the Company

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 1st January 2019
    Virgin Media is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Their range of broadband plans are currently among the most impressive available in the UK. Virgin Media offers some of the fastest speeds in the industry and they are especially well-known for their excellent fibre optic broadband packages provided by their very own fibre optic cable network. So […]
  • What is a Sky Booster and what does it do?

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 1st November 2018
    One of the best things about Sky broadband is that it has one of the best and most reliable Wi-Fi ranges in the United Kingdom. However, so-called ‘black spots’ can and do still occur. Another common issue customers face is accessing their Wi-Fi outside their property, such as on the front porch or in the garden. If you are experiencing […]
  • BT Broadband Company History and Facts

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 3rd September 2018
    Out of all of the UK broadband suppliers, BT is the oldest and yet still remains the most popular provider in the country. It has a very long and interesting history and today offers a wide range of broadband packages. So how did it all start out and what can you expect from this global telecommunications provider? A brief history […]
  • What is Sky Broadband Shield?

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 4th July 2018
    Sky Broadband Shield is an online protection tool offered for free by Sky. It protects you from harm online. If you have Sky broadband, you may have noticed that you also have a service called Sky Broadband Shield. But what is Sky Broadband Shield? Quite simply, Sky Broadband Shield is Sky’s online protection tool. You access it online and you have […]
  • What is Sky Q?

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 12th June 2018
    Sky Q is a digital television service from Sky that offers UltraHD 4K channels and multi-room functionality. It is Sky’s latest-generation television service. It was launched in February 2016  in the UK and Ireland, to much fanfare. As well as being Sky’s most advanced television service, it also their most expensive. So what exactly is it and how does it […]
  • Your Guide to Vodafone Broadband

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 4th May 2018
    When you think of Vodafone broadband, you automatically associate the company with mobile services. However, in 2015, the company branched out into the world of home broadband. It uses BT’s infrastructure and its own business fibre network to deliver the service throughout the country. Experts were dubious about whether the company would make it in the sector due to the […]
  • Your Guide to TalkTalk Broadband

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 25th April 2018
    Out of all of the broadband providers, Talk Talk broadband is one of the newest and one of the most competitive on the market. The Talk Talk company was founded in 2003 as part of the Carphone Warehouse. It wasn’t until 2010 it demerged into a standalone company. The company invested in its very own exchange infrastructure and as of […]
  • How to set up your Sky Hub

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 1st March 2018
    Feeling nervous about setting up your Sky broadband hub or Sky Q hub? Don’t be. Follow our step by step instructions and you’ll soon be up and running. Standard Hub Setting up your Sky Hub is a relatively simple process, but should only be attempted if everything you need is inside the box. Included should be your Sky Hub, a […]
  • How fast is TalkTalk Broadband?

    By Broadband Company Numbers on 2nd February 2018
    How fast is TalkTalk broadband? TalkTalk’s fastest broadband package is called Faster Fibre Broadband. It offers download speeds of up to 76Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 2Mbps. The second-fastest Fibre broadband package offered by TalkTalk offers download speeds of up to 38Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2Mbps. The third-fastest broadband package is called Fast Broadband. This […]