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Living in the UK, it’s almost certain that at some point during your daily routine you’ll encounter a TalkTalk service. Their broadband, home phone and digital TV services have proven to so popular that a simple stroll through your city centre will see you bump up against one of their services.

Unlike many players in the telecommunications space, TalkTalk don’t have a long and illustrious history stretching back through time, because TalkTalk came rather late to the game. Their idea? To offer the services people needed at a lower price than their competitors.

TalkTalk burst to life when Carphone Warehouse purchase Opal Telecom in November 2002. What followed was a small initial trial in Manchester where local homes and businesses were invited to come and stress test the then telephone-only service. It soon transpired that demand far outstripped supply, and TalkTalk were moved to push ahead with their big, nationwide launch.

Two years later, their broadband would launch and today, TalkTalk are a huge part of the UK’s telecoms scene, but what is their 2017 range? In this guide, we’ll share with you all of their current products and pricing, so let’s dig in.

TalkTalk Broadband Range & Pricing

TalkTalk might have started out offering phone plans, but their biggest business these days comes from their broadband offering. Here’s what every broadband plan they offer comes with, as standard:

  • Totally unlimited usage with no caps.
  • A “super powerful” router
  • A SIM card with 500MB of data a month (perfect for tablets!)
  • Free online security software
  • A fixed price for your contract length
  • Access to TalkTalk’s TV store

To learn more about TalkTalk’s broadband perks, use the TalkTalk broadband contact number.

Here are the current broadband plans TalkTalk offer:

‘Fast Broadband’ – Speeds up to 17Mbps, no usage caps. £22.95pm/12 months, £25.50pm/18 months or £22.95pm/24 months.

‘Faster Fibre Broadband’ – Speeds up to 38Mbps, no usage caps. £32pm/12 months, £32pm/18 months or £28.50pm/24 months.

From time to time, TalkTalk offer special offers exclusively for phone based customers. The TalkTalk telephone number is 0843 770 0246.

TalkTalk TV & Broadband

On top of your broadband package, you can take TalkTalk TV, which bundles in fantastic Freeview television with a range of premium channels, and a TalkTalk TV Box or TalkTalk TV Plus Box. Their current deals are:

  • TV with Fast Broadband – Up to 17Mbps broadband, TalkTalk TV box for pausing and rewinding live TV, the ability to add or remove channels, including Sky Sports & Cinema on a rolling monthly contract. £22.95pm for 24 months w/ mandatory £25 box fee.
  • TV Plus with Fast Broadband – Up to 17Mbps broadband, TalkTalk TV Plus box for pausing, rewinding and recording up to 180 hours of live TV, the ability to add or remove channels, including Sky Sports & Cinema on a rolling monthly contract. £30.95pm for 24 months w/ mandatory £50 TV box cost.

Each deal can be customised with various ‘boosters’, which add more channels to the service and bring it closer in line with the likes of Sky and Virgin. They are:

TV Starter Boost – £5 for Essential TV customers, included with Plus TV

  • 301: Sky 1
  • 302: Sky 2
  • 303: Sky Living
  • 304: Real Lives
  • 305: Sky Arts
  • 401: Sky Sports News HQ
  • Sky Entertainment on Demand

Sky Sports – £32

Sky Cinema – £15

Entertainment Boost – £10 with all ‘TV Starter Boost’ channels plus:

  • 307: Comedy Central
  • 308: Comedy Central Extra
  • Comedy Central on Demand
  • 309: MTV
  • MTV on Demand
  • 310: Gold
  • 311: W
  • 312: Alibi
  • 313: Good Food
  • Good Food on Demand
  • 315: Eden
  • Eden on Demand
  • 316: FOX
  • 317: National Geographic Channel
  • 318: National Geographic Wild
  • Nat Geo on Demand
  • 319: SyFy
  • 320: Universal Channel
  • 321: E!
  • 327: History
  • 328: Crime & Investigation
  • 329: Lifetime
  • Lifetime On Demand
  • 331: Sony Channel
  • 512: TCM

TalkTalk Home Phone

TalkTalk got their start beating the likes of BT on home phone pricing, and that’s a tradition which continues to this day. On top of your broadband, you can also sign up for additional home telephone services. This is their 2017 offering:

  • Unlimited UK – calls to landlines and mobiles at any time – £7.50pm
  • International Saver – discounted calls to many international destinations – £2.50pm
  • International Extra – 1000 landline minutes to 50 destinations – £5pm
  • International Max – 1000 landline & mobile minutes to 50 destinations – £10pm

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