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When you think of Vodafone broadband, you automatically associate the company with mobile services. However, in 2015, the company branched out into the world of home broadband. It uses BT’s infrastructure and its own business fibre network to deliver the service throughout the country.

Experts were dubious about whether the company would make it in the sector due to the sheer level of competition. However, so far it is proving to be a success, offering fantastic deals to its customers – especially to its existing mobile customers.

Things to be aware of

The packages on offer aren’t available to everyone. You will need to double check you reside within Vodafone’s covered areas. It’s also worth noting a credit check will be carried out and you will need to enter an 18-month contract.

If you select the fibre packages, you’ll also need to pay £49 to activate the service. If you don’t have a BT Openreach line, you will also need to pay an additional £60 to have a new line put in.

To contact Vodafone, call 0333 304 0191.

What options are available?

There are three great packages to choose from. These include:

  • Broadband ADSL
  • Superfast Fibre
  • Superfast Fibre+

It’s very similar in structure to what other broadband suppliers offer. The ADSL version is great for smaller homes and those who don’t use the internet for anything other than checking emails and simple light daily browsing. It reaches up to 17Mb like most basic plans.

The Superfast fibre reaches speeds of up to 38Mb, while the Superfast fibre+ reaches up to 76Mb. All plans come with a Ultra-Smart Vodafone Connect router and offer unlimited broadband usage.

Features and benefits

One of the best things about Vodafone’s broadband service is that it focuses on giving both its existing and its new customers something unique. If you’re an existing customer, you’ll benefit from exclusive low prices. For example, the ADSL package is available to you at just £2.50 a month for 12 months, then you’ll pay just £5 per month after that. All of the packages are cheaper for existing customers.

If you’re a new customer don’t worry, there’s still an exclusive deal to take advantage of. Deals change all the time, but an example is the current Amazon voucher deal. For the ADSL package you’ll receive a free £50 voucher, whereas for the two fibre packages you’ll receive a £100 voucher.

All customers receive 6 months free F-Secure SAFE anti-virus software too. Then finally, there’s a fantastic Family Time feature. This lets you control who can use the broadband and for how long. It’s controlled via a smart app and is very simple to use. This is great for family homes with children who don’t always respect the internet boundaries placed upon them.

Overall Vodafone may be a late player in the home broadband sector, but it does offer some pretty good features. The only downside is the potential costs involved. While it may be cheaper for existing customers, there could still be set-up costs involved and the line rental is a little higher than some of its competitors.

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