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Welcome to Broadband Company Numbers.

We are a contact information directory specialising in broadband companies. We publish hard-to-find and buried contact information for broadband suppliers. We help people to get in touch with their broadband supplier quickly and easily.

Most of the contact information that you find on this website required considerable research to unearth. Over the last five years, the broadband industry has invested considerably in creating online resource centres for customers with troubleshooting tips, user guides and account manuals, to reduce the burden on their customer service departments.

But while these resources are undoubtedly a good way to get information and answers to some questions, they do not take into account the individual needs of customers.

If you have a question about your account, the fact is no guide or helpful article online is going to help you. You are going to need to speak to a human being to get your problem resolved. The issue with this is that broadband suppliers do not always actively publish a telephone number or an email address. Increasingly, they have started to bury this contact information in resource centres or they have started to offer Live Chat widgets on their websites. The reason for this is simple – it costs them money to hire a human being to answer the telephone, even if that human being is located abroad. So all of the helpful resource centres you find online and all the Live Chat widgets you see are, in reality, cost-cutting measures to save companies money and improve their bottom lines.

We exist to help people cut through this noise and contact their broadband company quickly.

On each of our broadband company pages, which you can find at the bottom of our website, we have published a physical address, email address and telephone number for them. The 0843 telephone numbers that we have supplied will redirect you to the customer service department for the respective broadband supplier. These telephone numbers cost 7p per minute to call plus your phone company’s access charge. You can find out more about call charges here. Wherever possible, we have also provided alternative contact telephone numbers for broadband companies.

Please note that although we have published contact information for broadband companies, we are not affiliated with any broadband supplier. You can find out more about our affiliation here. To ensure that you are not confused about this, we have published a disclaimer at the top and bottom of each of our number pages. The disclaimer is as follows:

Contact Disclaimer

We welcome you to use our contact information directory whenever you need to get in touch with your broadband supplier. And if you found this website useful, please be sure to share it with your friends and get the word out there that we exist. Thank you.

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